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Anabas (Hybrid)

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Anabas Fish:- Anabas fish farming is very easy, popular and profitable. Anabas is popular fish to the people from the ancient time. Because it is a very tasty and nutritious. Anabas fish is the most popular and tasty fish among the all fish of Kerala. This fish is also very precious nowadays. Anabas fish is also known as kalle mutti, climbing perch, anabas, testudineus etc. It is a local fish breed of kerala. Anabas fish is generally a freshwater fish. This fish can be found in small rivers, canal and swamp. Nowadays commercial Anabas fish farming in pond is very popular. Commercial farming method, classification, benefits of Anabas fish farming and care are described below. Benefits of Anabas Fish Farming:- Anabas fish farming is very easy and profitable. The main benefits of cultivating Anabas fish commercially are listed below.  Demand of Anabas fish is very high, as a result it’s market value is comparatively higher always.  Able to survive in adverse environment and mortality rate is very low.  Can be cultivated in greater density.  Can be cultivated in small pond or cage.  Become suitable for sale comparatively in short time, within 3-4 months.  Economically profitable and can be cultivated multiple times per year.  Diseases are less in Anabas fish than other fish breed.  Can be cultivated relatively in small capital.  According to the formula, pellet for Anabas fish can be made in own house.  Anabas fish is mainly insectivorous. For this reason Anabas fish can be cultivated by providing insects, small fish, toad minnow, snail, oyster flesh etc. Farming Method:- Anabas fish is very fast growing and can be cultivated in both small pond and cages. However, cultivating in pond is more profitable.